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My Life Journey

Life is a wonderful journey. Mine ,brought me to many wonderful places arround the world.

Since young age the road was my home & i wasn´t really surprised that i ´ve always felt the deep trust, where ever i go , i am at home.

As my Soulpath didn´t only contain my very awaken Conciousness state,but as well becoming a very passionate music artist ,my earth path blessed me to travel & share this Art work through the most parts of the world.

It was interesting to witness ,how these two sides ....the spirituell & the creative,artistic.... walked hand in hand and opened simultaneous many new doors of new Self ~ discovery.

Every journey i been invited spread my Music Journeys ... brought me as well to ancient ,powerful ,energetic, sacred sites of our beloved earth.Such as...Australia,Africa,North&S.America,whole Europe from the southed to the northed point where the sun seems never to go to sleep.

It would be hard to choose ,if someone would ask me which i been more impressed & deeply touched....a discovery of it´s own.

There are many beautiful deep stories to be told....and so i am dedicating this page for all the wonderful gifts i been experienced on my journeys.

Soon....i´ll add the first passing them like opening new doors ,for others to be inspired of the eternal beauty we are living in .

Oneness Love

Gaby Na~RA


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