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A new game is starting / Cropcircle ~ 4.7.2022

We can Now begin to see the Key to the start of a New Game.

The game has changed because the board upon which it is played has changed - the chessboard has changed. The old game is fading out because there is an expansion of the old form. The board that was 2D allowed a game of 3D to be played upon it, but the board has now changed shape to a four sided cube. With the ongoing expanse of Earth vibrations, this takes the game into new frequencies and new sounds which moves the game onto the other side from where it first began. The vibrational sound is stretching the form beyond its previous parameters - and by stretching the form, it is breaking the form and in doing so, breaks the game.

It has opened up already and the players could feel it opening and have been preparing, each in their own way. The sound is carrying it now, the vibration is carrying it to all locations, both those exposed to the Light and those still hidden in the dark. Information still flows whether seen or unseen, just like the wind, only its effect can be seen. It ebbs and flows, twists and turns and as it twists, it turns the form sideways and each new side reveals new information. And the more it twists, the more information it reveals until it shows all four sides in every direction. This is the new key which will open up new information.

This is a blending of two energies, the shadow and the bright, the feminine and masculine - there is no polarity here. As time has changed, it is like time represents itself as a Chalice, information being received from above and then filling up and pouring out into the ground. It is receiving cosmic information and instantly anchoring that into our living physical fields. Through this vibrational expansion flowing from above to below, you can no longer see the beginning and end of time, of the movement between one point in time to another, no nine o'clock moving towards midnight, there is just a stretching going on, a vibrational code of sound stretching from one point to another. When time stretches, then form stretches and the blending of form and time together bring polarity into Oneness. For there is not One thing at One time and another thing at another time. By bringing in new octaves the effect is all encompassing - As Within, so With All - what happens to One happens to All.

All is stretching, it is already happening as it is stretching DNA within All the bodies, the consciousness, the thought forms, the Emotions that we have ever experienced become a much broader deeper wider experience. So by stretching through the new frequencies into the new vibrations, so the chessboard is being stretched and on that new board, begins a new game.

Channelled by Djane Gaby

Image : Micheldever Cropcircle by Stonehenge Dronescapes / U.K.

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