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NEW EARTH Mentorship / 1.session

When I followed the calling to offer this New Earth Mentorship , I allowed my Higher Self to take the lead ,as I knew it will be a new form of guidance & teaching.

The whole Mentorship Container is purely channeled in the moment for the group dynamic & upgrade needed , as an assistance towards New Earth Embodiment .

The A & Q Interaction in the first part of the mentoring serves to indentify , what the Collective topic was to be focused on.

As the whole group is in the same created organic field of the Container , it carries a Collective information as a thread through all the questions.

In the second part, our school class been moved into the Higher dimensional frequency space , where the Higher Self of each participant received its upgrade through codes & direct channeled messages to support this New Earth Mentorship .

What a joy to expand our ways of teachings, learning , sharing , being .

May the Intergalactic light streams in highest clarity continue our Collaboration

Deep Gratitude as well all the Galactic families which joined our intergalactic meeting

This Mentorship Container is open to join any time , as a safe space of Higher channeled guidance towards New Earth Guardianship & Leadership

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