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I wanna share a little story of deep value.

Some years ago when I was travelling through Mama Africa , I experienced a very profound moment... ...gifted by these little angels on the picture.

We were driving with our pickup car through Swaziland along a dusty road in the wilderness, when we saw a small girl dressed in a school uniform standing at a bush next to the road.

She waved and it seemed she was hitchhiking .

As we stopped the car , from nowhere a whole school class suddenly jumped out behind the bush.

With big joyful eyes and bright smiles they started to hug us and curious analyse our whole being , as in this area it was a rarity to meet a white person, even in a radios of 100km.

They jumped confidential on the back of the car & we slowly started to drive , to ensure their safety.

We were curious as well . I asked them what they learned today in school , when All of them at once answered in a singing heartfelt attuned way :

》How to always respect each other 《

Our jaws dropped hearing this profound wisdom in the middle of the bush from these dust covered innocent loving children .

A message from the Hearts, which touched our Hearts forever

Grateful for this beautiful timeless Soul gift and deep reminder of valuing Life...valuing the Human Self in all it's forms .

Follow the path of Love.... there the deepest Wisdom is found



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