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Sacred land of Australia

When my journey brought me many years back,in 2006... to the unique landscape of Australia ,

i would never imagine how connected i was with it´s Soul.

Due to an invitation for a musical gig , i suppose to stay for 2 weeks , which at the end became 3 month :)

There are many magical stories to be told from this journey ....but let´s begin with the first .

We been travelling to a sacred mountain , which the name i would hardly recall now.....they introduced it to our group ,as an equal powerful sacred mountain, such as Uluru.... to the Aborigines is . While we climbed it , i noticed that it´s shape ...the surface texture ...reminded me on .....a whale.

The whole walk became unusual quiet ...and with a short exchange we all agreed to explore this sacred space...individual ..and meet in some time again at the same spot.

I been instantly pulled to a specific direction....and when i walked some time already..i all of a sudden been brought to a small gate. ...created by different sizes of rocks.

When i went through...i already started to feel how the energy was starting to rise. i would enter another world...portal.

And there they were...standing gloriously...4 tall stone megaliths .

All i can say is....i instantly >recognized < THEM.

The Elders.

I sat down and looked into the vast wilderness.....and got all emotional.

Rememberance started to rise...and i spoke to them loudly , apologizing ,that i left the past...but now....i am back & deeply loving and honouring... them ...the sacred land.

I first > Earth Station <....if i may call it so.

Surely i will never forget the feeling i had...just sitting peace...that i could even choose to just stay there...and be one .....with this ...

After some time....i decided to see where the rest of the group i didn´t had any feeling for time anymore.

When i saw each of them.....with teary eyes...and open hearts....i understood ...

how SACRED this MOUNTAIN ....whale....truely was.

With deep gratitude in my heart.....sharing this sacred story ...with you all.

Oneness Love

Gaby Nar-RA

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