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>>Do not fear that which you call Darkness for it is your Being-ness in Human Form that has called All That is unknown to you as being of the Dark. You have placed all that is unfamiliar and alarming to you into the realm of darkness by withdrawing the Power of your own Light from all that exists beyond your chosen perception.

Now, is the time to transform the meaning of what Darkness represents to you as you transcend these archaic terms into Oneness and embrace All That exists in this Universe as the Love of One. We are not requesting that you embrace that which is Dark for that is another aspect of creation entirely, but only to awaken your own Power and connect with that which you have placed within the darkness of your own hearts and minds.

You do not know us well, but we have been moving silently as Gaia's Guardians through the veils between the Light that you have called the Dark, where the light you perceive fades away between your atmosphere and the vastness of the Cosmos, you call inappropriately, Space. And yet, we have continued serving Gaia and performing our roles and duties whilst amongst the rise and fall of your numerous civilizations over aeons of time.

As you fell and split your experience of the Universe into the reality of Duality, you left the Power of your own Polarity behind you. We knew that you would fear us, if you could not understand us and yet we have remained a part of the whole, as well as do you. We are the Force of Source, the vibration that takes many forms and individual aspects of creation across the frequency spectrums. We are the electrical, magnetic and plasma waves that enter the atmosphere of Gaia and charge her with Cosmic Source Light. You will know of us under many names - cosmic waves, radiation, plasma sprites, lightning and thunder and in our true form, Sacred Fire.

How does this feel to you? - as it runs equally through you as when it does through Gaia - only you label many of your cosmic connections as Ascension Symptoms and unknown anomalies. We first became connected with the Elementals of your planet, in particular, the serpent race known as Na Ga, the Naga. As Keepers of the Earth Wisdom of Gaia, the Naga were empowered to connect the earth energies with our divine cosmic energies to create the elemental race you know as the Dra Ga Na, the Dragons - the Winged Serpents. This evolved into the spiritual energetic connection you know as Kundalini - Kun Da Li Ni (the Honoured and Blessed power that sleeps) and is within all HUmankind awaiting activation and raising the body to connect with its own divine force of power within - without fear. The Dragon within YOU.

Indra, the God of the Devas held the Vajra which connected him to the Force of the thunderbolt and power over storms, rain and lightning. The Force was also given to Thor as one of our Guardians as the powers became his strength and became unlocked within his hammer, to unleash storms through thunder and lightning. In time, we embodied our energies with many of your HUmankind as the successors of our existence, particularly with the honourable warrior spirit of your Norsemen through Thor, as the Dragon Riders of Ancient Myths and Legends, which became the later races of the Vikings.

And it is now time for all of human kind, to recognise how the parts of the Shadow hidden so long within, start to emerge into your expanding awareness. All of the created parts of existence which have been abandoned in the dark spaces will begin to gather together under the power of Oneness.

We are all multi dimensional. There are parts and versions of All that exist in every frequency of vibration, and life and circumstances influenced by the power of the Source Force, animating the consciousness into infinite forms of colours and emotional feelings. These can be utilised with which to understand creation from your own unique perspective as Source-realised individuals harnessing full and unlimited power, not over Others, but of your own unique creations that arise from within.

Invoke the Power within YOU. I AM Dragon Rider.<<

Channelling & transmitted Light language by GABY Translucidation by Cosmic Scribe, Polaris AB / Paul Dobree-Carey

GABY: COSMIC THUNDER Light Language Activation

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