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Ego ~ Self vs Heart 16.7. 2022

Many different situations on our path ... can trigger our emotions ...and bring forth such as sadness, disappointment, frustration . Those situations can serve us....for a better understanding of Self...of seeing more clear.... ....what within ...needs our Attention... ...what within ...needs our Love... ...which is helping us to bring more Conciousness to Self. The Ego Self doesn't feel comfortable to feel those feelings.....cause it identifies being weak & out of control. This would mean it is not in it's power....and it's not 》 Successful 《. It's a mechanism which often prevents us to go through the process of these rather keep up the 》 false fasade of Success 《 and suppresses them . And the Heart... wants us to remember while we experience all of it 》 It is feel how we the process of GROWTH need to feel ashamed ....guilty. It is OK be our EXPANSION of Conciousness & Self ~ need to feel weak. It is OK meet our imperfection....on our unique journey of DIVINE PERFECTION need to feel less. ACCEPT ALL YOU ARE ....accept your the inner resistance which causes the pain of process ....can find it's peace . ONENESS LOVE Gaby

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