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Gaia's Rebirth Transmission

Visiting this Summer Solstice Glastonbury & many other sacred sites, opened many shifts towards expansion and brought in powerful insights & Transmissions. One if them was 》 Gaia's Rebirth Transmission 《 A channeled message I took my time before i was ready to share it , it touched my heart deeply.

As we drove with Paul Dobree-Carey in the car ...suddenly I felt the strong energetic stream coming in. An energy ...not presented before . The intensity grew and I felt as being in a birth process...but not just any.

Here she was.....majestic rising...Gaia's presence.

But her voice ...was different.....deeper...older.

I was in I received the be Gaia's Higher Self version. She seemed like an eternal old being .....but in her Cosmic Grandmother Consciousnes expression. Her frequency was so deep....and so high...I hardly held my ground...while still feeling the birth progressing. She spoke ,that it's as much new for it was for it is for Humanity. She was birthing 》 HER SELF 《...her new version. I could witness how her old skin was falling of like dust...and underneath a young girl...child...started to appear. She birthed her new version in such pure, innocent & youthful way . A beautiful radiant being.

She explained, that the 》 same birth process 《 is happening as well for us.... Humanity

A new version full of vibrant life , joy & youth being birthed

Gaia's our body

A powerful Rebirth.....I will never forget...and deeply humble to witness .

Thank you Paul for lovingly holding the Space

May this transmission inspire , touch the expand the horizon... toward a new vibrant Earth....vibrant Self.



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