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The Mayan Heritage

I was blessed to meet Tata Pedro Cruz , one of the ancient Mayan Elder Linage , who crossed the veils 2 year ago.He came for a mayan ceremony in Slovenia, to create the Living Tzolkin.

He was an incredible humble heart man & just radiated pure Love .

In a special ceremony moment I gifted him a crystal & placed my hand on his heart. He looked at me , smiled & said 》Remember the purity of the Heart , as this will always unite all 《.

After some years , I unexpectedly met him again in Panama at another Mayan ceremony.

He invited us to prepare the Sacred Space for it , in which each participant will represent their mayan sign , which in my case was / is the 》 jaguar 《 .

We had still some time before the start of the gathering & I went to the next village to get something.This was a concrete tiny road , which led through the jungle.

I was sitting next to my friend ,while she drew back , when suddenly from nowhere 》 a jaguar most elegant crossed the road 《

Both of us were just in awe....not understanding what just happened.

As we returned to the ceremony space & shared with Tata Pedro who we just met, he most of his time and replied :

》The jaguar is very shy & hard to meet ,but as you are from the jaguar tribe , the spirit brought him in , to prepare you for the ceremony 《

I was even more in awe , after his words & will never forget.

After I had the honour to work last week in our Transmission with the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull , I could feel how Tata Pedro's Conciousness was opening up to me. He as well.....was one of the original Crystal Skull Guardians, coming from Guatemala.

The Mayan Prophecy of the 13th Skull is starting to activate, till all unites in Oneness

In honour & respect to this ancient heritage ,I dedicate this post ,.. Rememberance... to dear

Tata Pedro Cruz ~ Mayan Elder

Loving Blessing


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