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NEW Power Center 17.7.2022

In the last days ....massive energetic work been pointed out towards our 》 Solar Plexus 《 .

It's a 》 de~construction 《 of the old power systhem we worked with in the 3D .

A sythem which pulled energy / power from the 》 outside / others 《 .In that way ...our ego Self became influenced by it & went into states ,such as egocentric behaviour, power / positions over others and similar.

From there ...we created the term ,when we say 》 He/ She is living from the ego 《...which was then seen ,felt in their behaviours.

Since the Sirian Gateway...we are in the process of 》 De~construction & Clearing of this old Power Center 《...and on our MERGE THIS CHAKRA ...with our HIGHER HEART .

》》The HIGHER HEART will become our NEW POWER CENTER ,which will operate with the sythem of 》being a divine SELF~SOURCING《 Center & not need to be plugged into others / the outside to receive Power anymore.《《

This is an important shift for Humanity.....and bring forth the healing process for the solar plexus & uncover ...that there is actually a 》 LACK OF SELF ~ CONFIDENCE 《 which was covered due the false ego power expression & beleive we can plug back into the Source within ...and find TRUE SELF EMPOWERMENT

Allow this transformation in a deep gentle way ... as your ego Self might feel suddenly in the lack of power ....fragile.....emotional....but return you to your true divine SOURCE YOU ARE

This is a preparation for the 》 8.8. LION'S GATE 《 which will bring powerful Light codes of Self Empowerment & new ways of divine Inner Strenght / Power

You can join us for the next 》LIGHT ~ ANCHORING 《 for this Lion's Gate ( 8 p.m.)



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