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Gaby Na~Ra discovered her gifts in early childhood when she started receiving messages from different realms / worlds / dimensions. Over the years, she channelled these messages in the form of words, symbols and visions through her voice, Soul paintings & dreams. 

Following her spiritual calling & divine experiences, Gaby offers her insight to bring clarity, transformation and understanding to her clients. Her gifts reach through Time & Space, allowing her to offer Healing Sessions at any topic or energy level of body ( physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) using her voice within channeled frequencies and inner guided journeys to find the core of the imbalance.

Gaby also offers worldwide transforming Activations and Light Language Invocations as well as Webinars for group coachings and Soul expansions. Her Soul-Paintings allow her to connect with the soul of the person and in a channeled state, manifests a painting with high energetic information which opens the client to embody their full soul potential. This can also include specific areas of focus, such as harmonic relationships, balances with money, overcoming weaknesses.

Gaby has offered many grateful clients a safe energetic space where realisation, rebirth & growth can happen in a peaceful kind way. You are invited for a deep guidance & Life coaching with many gifts to enjoy your Life Journey too.
Oneness Love
All Services are offered via Zoom Webinar.
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