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Here you find the whole list of all my very special ACTIVATIONS - with their descriptions of divine intention.
These are available for purchase - including some which I will offer as a gift to you for free.

You will receive a link to the Activation recorded live as per your email address.

I wish you powerful Activations, downloads & alignments. All journeys are serving for personal growth & conciousness expansion.

Each transformative healing inner journey ACTIVATION has an energy exchange of 44€ through my Paypal :  

Destiny cross.jpg
Heading 6

Welcome to this deep profound transformative Activation Zoom

On the 17th July we have a powerful Cardinal Cross, which gives us with the support of the New moon in Cancer a massive energetic Opportunity to 》 Clear & step on our new Destinity road 《 .
A evolutionary moment for Humanity , to release the shackles of the old ways of being & align back to the higher guidance of Self / sacred waters within ( Divine Intuition) .

The chessboard is being newly mixed.

It is a Collective 》 Reset of Karmic energy 《 , particularly with our emotional memories.

This Activation offer is an Invitation call to take advantage of these profound changing faithed energies.

What you can expect:

- clearing of looping emotional memories , which are blocking the next Soul aligned destiny path

- freeing Self from old unaware Soul contracts & energetic threats , keeping Self in same cycle

- Alignment of all the elements within , which creates the Alchemy for a fulfilled Life Flow

- Elevating the Self to it's destined Soul purpose

For this powerful transformative profound Activation work , we will have the assistance of the Higher realms , Light family & particular stepping forward the guardians of Destiny.

The three Fates of Greek mythology were Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, and each had a different role in weaving the fate of mankind.

Their group Conciousness is stepping forward to assist in the Change of fated Life events .


                         What to expect in this Activation work :


          - deep Recharge of the PHYSICAL BODY , with all it's systems


   - harmonising the physical energergies , which opens a more balanced flow of        the Life forces/ Kundalini energy


   - beautiful Collaboration with the Andromedans & experiencing pure Bliss /    Joy   / Love


     -message of the Andromedan Collective

3 - Sacred Heart.jpg


It has been a very deep, transformative year and we have been gifted with much growth on so many levels.
You are warmly welcomed to the profound transformative Activation journey 》 SACRED HEART Meeting 《 

In this multidimensional inner journey & energetic work , we are invited to prepare our most sacred space within us .

It is a space were the 》 New Earth 《 is seeding..... birthing ....vibrating.

I received the call from the Higher realms to prepare a divine meeting in our Sacred heart .

This will be a deep inner work activating & opening the needed pathways to this powerful inner space of our Sacred Heart.
As this is the space ,from where we are building,creating the New Earth into our 》outer existance 《.


It is time to 》 remember 《 all what has been experienced in the outside world, is truely coming from the information frequency of our 》 Inner world 《.

How much are we already aware of our Sacred Heart ?

How much do we cultivate this sacred Space ?

How much are we allowing our Sacred Heart the deep 》 Wisdom Consciousness 《 to open & receive it's comunication ?

It's time to remember that the Sacred Heart space is the Meeting point between the Higher realms & our Physical realm where we birth the New Earth Into form.

The Sacred Heart is having 33 Sacred Chambers, where as well many of our gifts / abilities have been stored.

Join us ,for this profound beautiful divine Activation of the Sacred Heart , which is preparing us for the next stage of the》 New Luminous Human Consciousness and form 《.​ ️

Divine Child.jpg


Warmly welcomed to the first beautiful transformative Activation journey of the year 2023


An important part of us , which will lead us into the New Earth Creator experience.

The Rebirth of the Divine Purity within.

An Innocent Space where the Dreams of Creation been born.

Without the freedom , the joy within this space we cannot really bring those dreams to a manifest.

As it isn't enough to only have a the Love of the feminine energy or the Will of the masculine...but as 》 rediscover the field of limitless Magic , where the Imagination creates any Dream wished for.

This is what embodies the Purity of the DIVINE CHILD

And this is as well a part of the Activation

》 plant your DREAMS for 2023

If you wish to join & receive the upgrade version of the Divine Child , please click on the button below for further information.

Looking forward to open the Sacred space to work with you

Loving Blessings


Screenshot_20220704-145536_Photo Overlays.jpg


The Sirian Gateway opens between July 2nd - July 7th 2022 (7 / 7) to bring a massive amount of high frequency Light Codes as cosmic energy into our expanding Consciousness. Humanity moves on to another chapter of our Evolutionary state .

Let us all take this opportunity together to anchor these powerful Light codes into our bodies, onwards into the Collective field and then into Gaia. We are co~ creating the harmonious New Earth as One together. We honour and bless you for your presence 

On the 7/7 at 7pm, I will create and hold a Sacred Space for this to occur & will support you using my connection to Light Language, so that you / we can anchor this high vibrational information. After which, we will prepare our bodies by grounding this energy - which you need only to allow to happen through your intention and your breath. No prior knowledge of this is required.

𝐊𝐢 𝐎𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐚 𝐍𝐚 𝐊𝐚𝐲

𝑲𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒂 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒐𝒇 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒉 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑨𝒍𝒍.

As this is deep multidimensional quantum work on DNA level , please drink before & after the session enough water & continue for at least 1 week , to support the physical body for an easier anchoring of the new informations.

CLICK on the link below to access the video transmission :




The powerful 10/10 gateway is bringing the opportunity to release the shackles of our Creation Portal, the Sacral chakra and open the flow of the Inner Treasures.


When the Inner sacred fires are lit up ,the deep profound passion to Life can return & Creation can flow.


Same time it is an act of Self~ Empowerment , which is preparing us for the upcoming Solar Eclipse to be able to receive the 》 original Royal Dragon codes 《 . They hold the frequency information of the essential Patadise grid system of Gaia .



What you can expect:


- a deep Clearing of the Collective imprints of Religion / Dogmas - vows ,guilt ,shame , which created energetic shackles & kept the Sacred fire of Creation locked


- Creation Rememberance returning through the re~connection with the Inner Sacred Fire


- Opening of the Kundalini Pathway for it's natural Activation process ( divine timing )


- Body Alignment / preparation for the upcoming Royal Dragon codes ~ Inner grid system Activation 》for the Solar Eclipse / 14th October - Transmission 《 I will offer

of our Creation Portal, the Sacral chakra and open the flow of the Inner Treasures.


When the Inner sacred fires are lit up ,the deep profound passion to Life can return & Creation can flow.


Same time it is an act of Self~ Empowerment , which is preparing us for the upcoming Solar Eclipse to be able to receive the 》 original Royal Dragon codes 《 . They hold the frequency information of the essential Patadise grid system of Gaia .






HEART -MIND Activation


This Activation is serving the Healing / Merging of the Lemurian - Atlantean Timeline .


As we are awakening to our Rememberance of our earthly ancestral linage , it is not only bringing forth the wisdom of it ,but as well what stayed in an unaware state & is ready to be shifted back into the Oneness field.


The Lemurian Rememberance is returning ,but as well the memories of the experienced 》 split 《 between the Heart & the Mind.

A deep rooted Judgement & Blame between the Nations has been created during the Fall,as the it was seen what a powerful tool the Mind became .

A tool which brought with its Creations a whole World into total Destruction.

Since than ....a deep split accured. A deep mistrust...of the Heart & Mind.

Of Love & Technology.


We are ready to merge High Intelligence streams back with the purity of the loving Heart ,to built a new world where both are supporting each other.


With this profound energetic work you can expect :


- a deep Forgiveness process ( Clearing) to bring Peace the memories when Atlantis & the rest of the world fell into Destruction


- Awakening of a Higher Understanding how this affected the excluding of the Mind from the Divine Matrix ( Judgment/ Blame )


- Shifting the Fear of the Mind ( which was seen as a dark destructive tool ), to include it back into Collaboration with the Heart .


- Bringing Harmony to the Heart and Mind ,to the Feminine & the Masculine , to Lemuria and Atlantis & embrace divine Love with divine Intelligence, being supportive with each other for a higher development in the Human Evolution



This Activation serves a smoother Transition into Higher Consciousness. The unfolding of our true Nature ,which one with Gaia & high evolved Cosmic beings.

It is bringing higher Awareness as a preparation for the next stage of anchoring ( strenghtening) the 》 New Earth Embodiment / state 《 .



Welcome to join & remember our harmonious Home of Oneness 



Welcome to this next powerful transformative inner journey Activation HELIOS / Inner Sun《 

I received a massive download of the Return of HELIOS...the Inner Sun ,which represents as well the 》Divine Masculine 《 & the true authentic leadership / authority ...within us.

While the divine feminine energy been over the last past year massively anchored & still is.......the old form of the masculine energy ...been & is in deep transformation too.

The old ways of ego-based masculine power ... ( existing in both genders), been taken place,since the Fall of Humanities Conciousness... from the lower chakras...mainly the solar plexus.

This was an non organic Authority state ,as it was used to harm,overpower others & lead from a self~interested way.....and not from a Oneness conciousness

As the divine feminine conciousness knows that only with the divine masculine oneness world,reality can be created....she went & is undergoing the process of forgivness & healing and is ready make space as well for the divine masculine ...with his higher essential version. After the Fall of the Collective Conciousness.... the higher chakras been cut of and all existance ,started to operated from a lower Conciousness & chakra systhems. 

The true inner masculine Autority is operating from the inner Sun Source of the Heart...which is directly connected with the Source 

For this Activation we are going to clear the old ego form systhem ,located in the plexus & reconnect our divine masculine energy with our inner Helios in the sacred higher heart space ,to start operate again as a glorious divine leader of Oneness Conciousness

For this powerful process the Conciousness of RA stepped forward & is supporting us with his brightful majestic presence and to allow the essencial divine masculine Creator Authority to rise within us All again .



》DIVINE LOVE MATRIX 《 journey, is serving us to connect to the divine organic matrix of Gaia's 5D earth body & timeline. Surely this Activation is calling for those, who wish conciously to shift from the old world body into the new one.From a timeline we lived & experienced for a very long time ,with many different limitation programings.Gaia's divine matrix is an energetic field which contains the true organic systhem ,which was divinly designed to align us all in a harmonious co~existance....All it's living beings, fauna,flora ...for their Life experiences , her Garden of Paradise.In the first part of the Activation ,we are going to clear with highly effective light technology , all the programings of Attachments of the 》 Old Matrix 《 .Attachments to the old systhems,ways , lack programing, to outer sources/ people,places ....anything which made us belief that we are 》 depending 《 on this old systhem ,not able to be,to expand,..and many more programs.This will cause to detach from the limited space into the real organic eternal expansive field of Expansion....which the Divine Matrix truely represents...a higher energetic vibrational field of Conciousness With the Assistance of our Higher Self & our monad family, we will receive an Activation of our original Blueprint for the Golden Era... which is in fully alignment with the true organic timeline of Gaia & her Divine Love Matrix . 



This powerful transformative deep inner journey 》SACRED SEXUALITY 《 Activation ,is serving to reconnect to the original codes of Sexual Energy & it's essential Alchemy wisdom 

The Alchemy of Sexual Energy been a sacred knowledge of ancient times.Their guardians been aware of it's true powerful nature & still honoured it in a sacred way.
After the fall of Conciousness Humanity experienced ,many parts of sacred knowledge been forgotten, manipulated,distorted.....which includes the Awarness of the 》 SACRED ACT OF CREATION 《 which in it's essential nature Sexual energy represents
It's time to remember ,re-awaken it's sacred force with higher it's deeply connected with how much Awarness ...we 》 birth 《 ..create ..into our world...into this reality...,with ,what state of Intention ....and that this energy is not only representing physical pleasure .

In the first part of the journey ,we are going to clear with powerful Light technology many programings arround sexual abuse in any form,manipulations with its energy,different manipulation rituals from past lifes ,vows ,disrespect to body & others in the act,by losing it sacred intention ,generational passed on and much more .
For this deep profound multidimentional work ,we will receive divine guidance & powerful support by the ancient guardians of the earthly creation energy ...kundalini.....The Nagas.



Much is happening in these times on our beloved planet.Massive amounts of light particles,which are pure Conciousness ,being poured into our Earrh atmosphere & our energetic body fields.It's all serving to support our expansion into a Collective field of Oneness Conciousness...within & outside

In this deep powerful transformative inner journey 》SURRENDER 《 Activation, We are going to re-activate the rememberance codes of true deepest divine Surrender on all levels ,bodies 
》What does it surrender?To not be limited ...with anything 《
The collective programs of Attachment within us are deep & keeping us bined to this reality.....but to it's smallest version of experience. We are in times ,where it's offered to Us fully surrender to the expansive Self.... to the Cosmic Ocean .....beyond this limited Life.
In the first part of the journey ,We are gonna receive a multidimensional clearing of any Attachment of anything ,even our Life, any kind of control,which keeps us attached ,binded and limited in our experience of surrendering into the depth of all there is...and as well....into our own undiscovered depth of Self .Also all versions of illusionary Securities....
and free us as well of the fear that death is the limit & always living Life 》 secure 
Afterwards we will dive deep to the guardians of Oceans...the Cosmic Whales... which stepped forward to support us in this Expansion of Self & open the gates into the depth of the unknown space of this reality ...and beyond.



On this 5.5.5. ( 2+02+1=5 ) a powerful gate of 》 Change 《 is opening.We are slowly more & more achoring the higher Conciousnes templates of Oneness, Unconditional Love ,but as well Abundance,which is a part of the new organic timeline of existance
The lack mentality was a concept program of duality ,which exists only in the 3D Conciousness/ world.

In this ° ABUNDANCE ° Activation journey, we will clear All forms of any lack ,poverty ,not deserving programs ,guilt,shame arround Abundance,money,... which might been passed on for many generations in the family structure.
For this upgrade ...the beautiful goddess Lakshmi stepped forward to offer us her blessings & divine support ,for receiving ....activating the golden template of Abundance 
We are divine...We are worthy receive ,embody & live an abundand state of overflow what Life has in store with all it's gifts 

If you feel the call to join this powerful energetic transformative healing Journey , be warmly welcomed into our circle

Thank you for your trust I am honoured to hold safely the Sacred Space for You....Us .



With this deep profound transformative Inner Journey Activation ,We are continue anchoring concious the New Earth template, as We are already the last few months,yet with more clear details,upgrades, reconnection & gifts.
This new timeline is bringing forth a new Conciousness of 》 living together 《 on a much higher harmonious way
We are going to clear what's left in the field of fearing another person,being,animal...the fear that someone wanna harm us on any way or level.The program of protection.This is an old run out program of duality & not existing in the higher realms of the New Earth ,where many different beings already harmonious co~existing & living
That for it's on Us ,to lay down the protection field ,the fear of a different being ,which still seperates us....if we wish to reconnect with many divine beings & species...Cosmic family...which is waiting for Us ..with deep Love & Appreciation 
We are going to meet many of our galactic & earthly family & celebrate the New Earth together with many shared gifts given for our Expansion
If you feel the call to join this powerful energetic transformative healing Journey , be warmly welcomed into our circle

Thank you for your trust I am honoured to hold safely the Sacred Space for You....Us .



This inner journey & multidimensional work is calling for a profound Mastery step.
It is a huge upgrade & shift from the old paradigm world into a complete new one.Are we ready to shed & let go of all what binds us ,hurts us ,blinds us ,limits us .....and just...doesn't serve our growth anymore ?!

We will go through the 》 Fire initiation 《 of the Solar Phoenix.....which will support this profound SHEDDING OF THE OLD SELF . 
I been shown that is a deep memory clearing of emotional data ,the pain body ,but as well our Akashic records , which represents the library ,where all the Life times informations been stored 

As we are rapidly moving into higher fields of Conciousness , the old 》data 《 is not useful & as well not 》 fitting 《 in this new higher states of reality . That for been highlighted to clear ,clean,purge,let go all what been still attached to the 》 old world/grid《 this next be able to accept & 》 cope《 with the New ....which is ready to be fully embodied

This Activation ,which is happening on our last Solar Eclpise of this year ,will be the FIRST(4.12.) part of 2 closing Activations & serve as a PREPARATION . The SECOND one ,on the 21st , on the Winter Solstice ( Summer if you are in the S.hemisphere) will open the gate to enter together into the ...Omni Unity field... with all our galacic & earth family .

It's been asked to attend BOTH Activations ,as they are connected & intertwinded.

As we are more and more stepping into a collective Awakening field .....we are moving from a human conciousness into a more cosmic expanded conciousness, understading...Our 》 old 《 personality is it's outdated. This shall not scare us......but only prepare a higher ,more awaken ,expanded version of our Self. 

Compassion Quan Yin.jpg
WISDOM Athena.jpg
HONOUR Isis.jpg
LOVE Venus.jpg
GRACE Mother Mary.jpg

These are deep , powerful , sacred Activations of the essential          Qualities of the Heart - the DIVINE VIRTUES.
                   One :  44 €              Set of All :  200€

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