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My Heart is full of deep Gratitude & Joy to finally announce a very special Light Transmission .

A Collective gift created & aligned for this year's Equinox

The call of Gaia , her guardians was strong and followed. It is created to opened the Space to anchor the high frequent information stream between the Heart Love of Gaia & the Higher Mind Portals in Egypt .

The Equinox is an energetic rebalancing act

to allow the opposites to equaly dance together & learn from each other.

The Power created through the Mind is ready to be transmuted through the Power of Love & open the streams of 》 Higher Intelligence 《 full of Unity Consciousness.

The old ways of Power are coming to a closure & ready to be replaced by the 》 Wisdom 《 of Collaboration & harmonious Coexistence.

I am honoured to have these special Souls & Guardians joining me in this Transmission .

Dear Soulfamily Paul Dobree-Carey & Sayed Adli Bdaway , who will hold the Light anchor in Egypt.

We will connect with the portal of The Great Pyramids & the Sphinx guardian of Giza to bridge with the Emerald Higher Heart of Gaia.

This powerful Transmission will be multiplied & amplified in its energetic Intensity through the powerful support of the ancient Mitchell - Hedges Crystal Skull & his guardian Bill Homann .

Only its presence radiates very high Light Frequency & supports opening the gateway from the Higher Heart to the Higher Mind.

It is a record keeper , which will support to unfold many hidden mysteries of our Collective heritage.

A powerful gift for the Collective field in the time of Expansion and grateful that he joined in the Higher Alignment & Cosmic Call.

Welcome to tune in with us in the massive anchoring & energetic shift .

If you wish to choose to participate in the Transmission, it will open energy streams within & anchor new Light codes .

Drink enough Water in the next few days & allow the body to rest if you feel the need

You will find the direct Zoom stream ,without any link needed 》 at 7 pm U.K. CEST on all of our FB pages .

May it serve you well, with opening the Rememberance to Higher Wisdom & Unity Consciousness.

Feel free to share & invite , to receive these powerful codes .

Loving Blessings

Gaby , Paul , Sayed & Bill

If there is the wish to support this sacred work with Donations, you can use the link below

Graphic Creation by Gaby Na RA

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