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keith / UK

Had an amazing healing session yesterday on a multidimensional level. Extremely powerful and recommended.

Thank you for connecting me and realigning me with who I really am Djane Gaby.

The light language was powerful also.

Hind / Canada

I first knew Gaby through her group sessions where she is very generous of her soul sharing lightcode language, expansion and anchoring healing. I was amazed by the power of her work, by her knowledge, channeling and the great gift she has. After 2 group sessions, I decided to book a one to one session to dig further and get answers to my questions, guidance and healing. The session was divine, I cannot thank her enough. She channeled to me lightcode messages from my guides, I got to know who they are, what’s my life purpose what are my blocages and how to heal. She impressed me all the way. Once this done she started the healing, anchoring and expansion work with the help of our guides and higher selves. I felt peace, love and a unique bliss hard to describe. Gaby is helping me putting the puzzle pieces together and moving towards my spiritual healing and ascension.

Luce / UK

I recently had a healing/ full body scan session with Gaby and am feeling to share my experience.


Gaby from the start held such a beautiful energy, an energy that made me feel safe to be open to the session, to trust and to allow with no defence all and anything that needed to be realigned or removed or remembered . So much happened in this session, many many lifetimes of healing. Gaby had the ability to read a map of who I am with no prior details, direct from source, from the divine intelligence that is. To communicate with my higher self and bring through what was needed for my highest good. I had been searching for so long to understand myself more fully, to understand why I see the world the way I do, to understand my behaviour and way of being, To know who I truly am and why I am here. I was looking for me in other people and things outside of myself, stuck in a loop of searching and never finding anything real.


I was not expecting to be shown such a clear picture of me. So much was given, energies that were not needed anymore were released, experiences from the past once seen were wiped clean. It is too much to put into words as so much of it is beyond words, it is very powerful energy healing that worked on all of my bodies, we travelled interdimensionally together to do the healing. Over the next few days I started to see and feel a very big change in me, so much was gone, had been lifted, the heaviness that I carried with me was no longer there.


I woke up the morning after the session at 4.44am and jumped out of bed in joy shouting Yes !!! because I knew I had returned to myself. I have had many rebirths over the years on my spiritual path but this one is a different level, this is deep, real, pure and fully anchored in due to the way Gaby works with energy. It feels like falling in love with me again, falling in love with life, with Gaia, with all of existence. It has been so long since I have felt a sense of belonging here and I find myself now grateful to be here, happy to be here, excited to be here, to be me the most fully that I ever have been.


2 days after the session. I went for a nature walk and experienced a profound and deep love for Mother Earth, I started running through fields, singing to the trees and the land, stopping to kiss the trees, kiss the earth, kiss myself. Falling in love more, more, more with me, with Gaia. I was like a child spinning around, arms wide open to embrace it all with so much Joy. Walking on the earth feels different now too, each step, all is Love, all is a gift of such beautiful potential. This has been the most beautiful homecoming. Grateful seems like such a small word in light of the huge gift that I have been given by being guided towards Gaby for this healing. One million thank you’s.


My first meeting with Gaby was an instant paradigm shift in cosmic consciousness. Just to know that beings like her exist dramatically reduced my sense of isolation in the world. Her pure intent of raising the vibration of loving energy around the world is unparalleled. Utterly authentic, beautiful and generous this gentle soul heals all that come into contact with her. Highly recommended for all your transformational needs!


Gaby is a gifted healer who is able to help people profoundly shift energies and change their lives for the better. I have observed her working on many levels and in various settings with both groups and individuals. I am always struck by her ability to assess the core issues of a situation in a gentle and truthful way, and bring in exactly what is needed to initiate the healing process. When you are truly ready for a change in your life, you can trust Gaby to help guide your way.


You are a truely unique gifted  heaing guide fulfilling your soul purpose.The group journey experience of higher dimensions & the ancient trauma clearing of many old programings as well was extremly profound.You guided so softly & lovingly, yet with such strenght. I journeyed beyond time& space in a multidimensional way,which was new for me & yet felt returning home in pure existance.I feel very uplifted & expanded into new horizons of my Self.

Deepest gratitude.

Luce - U.K.

I want to thank you so much for our session on Friday, such divine timing . Tonight when I went walking and saw the rainbows I could feel such deep love for mother earth . I was actually running up and down through these fields , singing to the trees and the land. Kissing the trees, kissing the Earth, kissing myself. Just like falling in love with me and with gaia. I was like a child spinning around, arms wide open in so much joy just to be in communion with the trees, the grass, the sky, all the animals and with myself. So beautiful all that is happening since the session. So grateful to you Gaby

Susan, U.S.A

Gaby is the most beautifully gifted healer I have worked with on my soul’s journey this lifetime. How wonderful also, that I am able to receive such deep transformative transmissions through her. We did a Soul Reading first, which gave me my cosmic ancestral lineage that is needed in this lifetime. She did this with tremendous honor and respect and joy. I then had a Divine Feminine reading and so much cleared inside and around me that it was if I had a full body ablution. A huge Rite of Passage and Blessing from Lady Gaia and the Sophia Dragon Tribe. Words cannot define the experience. The state of my mind and body is much more relaxed, present and aligned to Source. A miracle come true.


Deep beautiful inner work & multidimensional journey.

I fully feel the release of conditionings & just being in Oneness with myself .

Allowing the Abundance to flow on every level of my being.

Thank you so much & Love from Portugal.


Thank you Gaby for this deep magical journey.My mind is still processing the magic that happend that day & beyond. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. However ..i stayed open & felt instantly after the journey deeply presence in my body, grounded & in deep peace. I noticed something has profoundly shifted my mind wasn´t able to grasp.I felt expanded . Powerful transmission & i feel the divine Blessings.       

Sending much Love


Dear Gaby, your work is impressive. This is all new to me, I couldn´t open so much on the group sessions, but your 1/1 was amazing, powerful & helps me see deeper, to what my mind is blocking. Thank you for letting me have this extraordinary experience & healing.Felt the shift in my daily Life.

Much Love

EGON / Ger

Wonderful. Very deep journey through magical landscapes to Avalon, where i also met unicorns & gently return with a total upgraded clear feeling.

Thank you dear Gaby .

Love from Germany.


It was a totally powerful & healing journey. I could feel how old stuck memories been cleared out of my bodies & perceived a new way of >Sacred Sexuality < .

Thank you Gaby for your effort & sensibility .


This was my second journey with Gaby & yes ..this is far from a normal´s truely deep profound inner transformation,heaing,work. A magical journey through discovery,recovery,surrender,.I am in awe. Thank you Universe...and especially you dear Gaby , for holding the sacred space for it & guiding us through.


Gaby beautiful soul; thank you for being there for us also and specially in breakthrough events  the 1 on 1 session was priceless and so much needed and your quick response was an absolute blessing...I think I would never survive that day and the upcoming week full of work without your help, at the end I was working trough one of physical toughest weeks with ease and calmness, trust and focus. The words can not describe my gratitude


Dearest gaby  

. i´ve been going through rough times and your energetic work and healing heart ALWAYS helped me so much. besides all of your group work, activation journeys, for me personally the one-on-one sessions are one of the greatest enrichment in my life so far. after each session we had i am able to perceive myself much more consciously on many levels of my being and thus can better understand, love and respect myself the way i am. also my mother and my sister had meanwhile your support and both of them are delighted too.

i so highly reccomend your work  MUCH LOVE


SA ~ MU ~ EL

after our first all~around healing session yesterday ~ day six in oktober 2021.

today is the first day of, what i really am ♡

i am born. i am here on earth right now completely! no doubt, no fear, just me 

and i dont have words to thank you appropriate for this lovely~magical~divine gift gaby  its an endless blessing to meet

the perfect you @ the perfect time ~ now 

everything that is left ~ is pure love ~ oneness


When I am making reflection back through all my personal working on my depth through divine guidance from channeling and profound work from dearest Gaby, I only can say deeply thank you because It's again and again, beautiful to recognize myself in all multidimensional forms how to expand from each journey more and more- but first, thanks to myself, because I allow and because I deserve . Endless grateful.

And behind that, I also decide to make an energetic session 1 on 1 with Gaby because in my life means a lot to me my health which I struggle with my born. As a rebel from the system and all 3D worlds I decide also many years ago that I am healthy, but that I realized for the first time where the real patterns stand here, was this profound session 1 on 1 with Gaby.

I realize we carry some things that we thought that they are not ours but are still a consequence of our past lives or patterns from our mother's and father's side and because of that we balancing all life with our masculine and feminine parts.

On session and journey specify through a question about my health I realize many things which were after that shifting slowly also in my physical body 1 month after and I have to say all experience was a really beautiful catharsis of knowing myself from the start point and to have new codes with my own energy. After this journey, I feel more confident that I am truly healthy and that I am only observer now where and when my seeds growing even better, deeper and higher- in all dimensions.

Always grateful for all Gaby's gift for all of us and I wish that my experience and also many others reach as much as possible people, because I warmly and heartily recommended each soul, even If someone thing that is perfect and that they don't need it. We are perfect as we are but- always is nice to search even deeper into our depth to recognize how our wings expand even more.

Thank you, dearest friend, channel, and unconditional love Gaby because you simply Are- in all your forms

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